The Saddle Bag Weight

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Introducing The Saddle Bag Weight ™

The Saddle Bag Weight™ is an innovative buoyancy control weighting device made of a nonwoven geotextile and filled with dry sand with no damage to pipeline coating. Sizes ranging from 4-48”. Can be easily modified to go on ANY pipeline (plastic, fiberglass, water and sewer etc.)

Advantages of The Saddle Bag Weight™

  • Eliminates the need for sand bags when separating multiple pipes.
  • May be quickly designed for a specific type of pipe
    (fibreglass, plastic, steel).
  • No rock shield required (less cost per weight for
    oil and gas company).
  • Reduced shipping costs to remote locations
    (option to fill closer to job site).
  • Efficient installation reduces crew size.
  • Simple installation reduces completion time.
  • No manual handling (joining of weight halves).
  • Eliminates uncontrolled rolling of weighted pipe into trench.
  • Reduces safety problems.
  • Non-biodegradable and easily removed if required.
  • No damage to pipe when installed.
  • No leaching of lime or sulphur into the environment.
  • So versatile it can be used on a variety of pipe sizes.
  • Easy to secure on trailer and less movement when hauling.
  • May be used as set-on weight due to low center of gravity.
  • No bolts or tools required to install.
Standard Weight & Sizes
Size Weight (KG) Weight (LBS)
2″ 23 50
4″ 100 220
6″ 200 440
8″ 300 660
10″ 500 1100
12″ 730 1600
16″ 1135 2500
20″ 2270 5000
24″ 2270 5000
30″ 3180 7000
36″ 4090 9000

Company History

Glen Jewell, the inventor of The Saddle Bag Weight™, formalized his idea of an alternative to a concrete weight over many years of pipelining throughout Northern Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

His experience showed the need for an alternative to the existing weight system that was easier to install and that would do less damage to pipe coating during installation or removal of the anchoring device.

After several prototypes the existing design was settled upon as being the most advantageous and simplest to manufacture, fill with sand, deliver to site, and install for all parties concerned.

At this point Saddle Tech. Inc. was formed to manufacture and market this innovative, yet extremely simple and functional product.

Company Structure
The company, Saddle Tech. Inc. was incorporated in the Province of Alberta in August, 1999. The purpose of the company is the manufacturing and marketing of “The Saddle Bag Weight™” to the oil and gas industry. The Canadian Patent number is CA 2277523 and the United States Patent number is 6220788. We also have a registered trade name.

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