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"The Saddle Bag Weight™"

Advantages of The Saddle Bag Weight™

  • Eliminates the need for sand bags when separating
    multiple pipes.
  • May be quickly designed for a specific type of pipe
    (fibreglass, plastic, steel).
  • No rock shield required (less cost per weight for
    oil and gas company).
  • Reduced shipping costs to remote locations
    (option to fill closer to job site).
  • No damage to pipe when installed.
  • No bolts or tools required to install.

  • Efficient installation reduces crew size.
  • Simple installation reduces completion time.
  • No manual handling (joining of weight halves).
  • Eliminates uncontrolled rolling of weighted pipe into trench.
  • Reduces safety problems.
  • Non-biodegradable and easily removed if required.
  • No leaching of lime or sulphur into the environment.
  • So versatile it can be used on a variety of pipe sizes.
  • Easy to secure on trailer and less movement when hauling.
  • May be used as set-on weight due to low center of gravity.